Akash Kumar M.D.

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Dr. Kumar MD engages patients in a considered approach involving assessing genetic, neurobiological, social, and psychological factors. He utilizes medications, psychotherapy, genetic testing, medical workups, neurological exams, nutritional analysis, and lifestyle modifications to help patients achieve their stated goals.

akash profileDr. Kumar is a medical doctor who specialized in psychiatry. He is board certified by the American Academy of Psychiatry and Neurology, and has an undergraduate degree in Human Physiology. He has a passion for helping people reach their potential. Throughout his career he has continued to expand his clinical repertoire by working in many different settings including: volunteering at a free clinic providing care to the homeless, working in the forensic settings working with prisoners, and in the general community both inpatient and outpatient settings. He’s worked deeply with perpetrators- and victims- of physical and sexual abuse.

Teaching is another passion.  Along with guest teaching undergraduates and residents at multiple universities, he has been a guest speaker at the University of Michigan Forensic Center, Henry Ford Hospital System, as well as to physicians in the Department of Corrections.  Talks have ranged from the science of happiness to the management of therapist emotions when working with sociopaths. He has also worked, and taught, in medical hospitals, consulting with internists and other medical specialists on cases where psychiatric and medical considerations overlap.

Other areas of professional interest have been driven by interactions with patients.  These areas have included compassion, meditation, evolutionary psychiatry, ADHD, genetic testing, forensics, and evidence based treatments (both mainstream and cutting edge).

Does Dr. Kumar accept your insurance?
Dr. Kumar is “in network” and thus a “preferred provider” with Blue Care Network. He does NOT accept Blue Cross Complete, General Motors BCBS (where subscriber ID starts with GM), or “EPO” BCBS PPO insurance.

Beacon health often looks like BCBS PPO but Dr. Kumar is out of network with this insurance. Dr. Kumar is also unable to accept BCBS Medicare plans. It’s best not to assume your Blue Cross Blue Shield will be covered; email a picture of your insurance card front/back to staff@annarborpsych.com and let us verify your insurance before you schedule an appointment to ensure you are covered.

For many insurances, out-of-network benefits will cover the majority of fees, but patients will be paying the full cost of the appointment to be later reimbursed by their insurance company 2 to 4 weeks after their appointment, based on their out of network benefits. With most insurances Dr. Kumar will bill them electronically directly for you.  He can electronically bill, as an out-of-network provider for:

  • Aetna
  • United Health Care
  • HAP (not all HAP insurances come with out-of-network benefits however)
  • ASR
  • Cigna
  • Beacon Health
  • Magellan

Please note that, while Dr. Kumar is currently not accepting new medicare or BCBS patients he is unfortunately also not legally allowed to see medicare or BCBS patients as cash only.