Anthonia Umelogu, NP – Ann Arbor

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As a nurse, I am a patient advocate first and foremost. I am a passionate science based clinician, up to date with the latest research and evidence based practices. I enjoy working with children (age 10 and up) and adults alike.

Like other clinicians at Ann Arbor Psychiatry, I am focused on looking beyond symptoms and assessing underlying etiological processes which may contribute to symptoms. I keep my mind open to all possible causes, both psychological and neurobiological. While diagnostic categories can be useful, patients never fit perfectly into a box. I will utilize pharmacogenetic testing, assess for nutritional status, consider psychotherapeutic factors, and lifestyle modification when necessary. 

My clinical approach is informed by the wide variety of settings I have worked within. These includes, acute care, long term care, and forensic psychiatry. When in doubt, I will identify issues that could utilize specialty services, and help you find what you need.