Clinic Policies

E-sign the clinic policies

Ann Arbor Psych does not overbook clinician schedules to account for missed appointments or late cancellations. This allows us to run on time and give each patient ample time. As such, we maintain an extremely strict attendance policy.

Cancellations must be made by email at least 72 hours in advance to avoid a late/missed appointment fee. If cancelled with LESS than 72 hours email notice, there is still no charge if we can find someone to take your slot for you. We often can, so please give us as much notice as possible!

Fees for missed appointments or late cancellations are as follows:
Medication Review: $100 ($150 if appointment is longer than 30 minutes)
Psychotherapy: $150
Intake evaluations $200 (less than 60 minutes), $300 (more than 60 min appt)

This policy is applied very strictly- without exception- even for emergencies or illnesses.

Patient agrees to not allow more than 3 months to lapse between appointments.

Arriving over 5 minutes late might result in a missed appointment fee.

Credit card(s) is kept on file and patient agrees that any bills incurred in treatment- including fees related to late cancellations, missed appointments, paperwork, clinical services rendered in person or otherwise, and balances- will be charged to this card.

Charge may be taken at any time the morning of the day of service or after. For example, if insurance reimburses 6 weeks later, the balance of the charge for services may then be applied to card based on what insurance reimbursed. Estimated charges, based on insurance benefits, may be taken the morning of the appointment.

If client desires to be notified before credit card is charged, (for instance if bank funds are generally limited) they can put themselves on a list by emailing

Due to collection difficulties we can no longer allow clients to run balances.

Prescriptions are written to last until the next appointment and are written between appointments for emergencies.

When emergency prescriptions are written between appointments, there is a $20 charge for scripts written when the patient has not been seen within the last 90 days. Due to legal time consuming requirements, controlled substances are an additional $20 when the patient has not been seen within the last 90 days. There is no charge if request is due to clinician or pharmacy error.

Paperwork that cannot conveniently be completed within session incurs a $20 per page charge for simple paperwork, more if complex and time consuming (see below). While prior authorizations for medications are typically several pages, we usually charge only a 1 page fee.

While not always done, clinician reserves the right to charge up to $5 per minute, at discretion of clinician, for time spent between session managing case by phone or email. Clinician may decide give the first few minutes for free as a courtesy and if this is done patient will be told ahead of time.

**Covid Update 03/17/20**

If you are currently feeling sick, or have traveled internationally within the last 2 weeks, please give us a call ahead of your appointment and we can cancel it free of charge.” 

Insurance companies have temporarily enabled tele-health services for select BCBS/BCN contracts. If you’d like to do a video appointment, give us a call at 734-707-1052. We can set you up with our portal at

At our clinic, we are asking patients to NOT open or close doors. Staff will do that for you! Simply knock on the door once to let your clinician know you are here. Knock twice if it’s urgent. 

Thank you!