Do I have Adult ADHD?

You don’t have to be hyperactive to have adhd

Adults and girls are often inattentive…

There are two types of ADHD:

Inattentive and Hyperactive

Inattention gets missed

signs of inattentive ADHD

it’s not just laziness

  • Careless Mistakes / lacking attention to detail:
    Examples: overlooks or misses detail; work is inaccurate
  • Lacking sustained attention
    Examples: has difficulty remaining focused during class, conversations, or lengthy readings
  • Poor listening
    Example: mind seems elsewhere, even in the absence of obvious distractions
  • Not following through on tasks
    Example: starts tasks but quickly loses focus and is easily distracted
    Poor organizations
    Example: messy, disorganized work; poor time management; tends to miss deadlines
  • Avoids tasks requiring sustained mental effort
    Example: preparing reports, completing forms, reviewing lengthy papers
  • Losing things
    Examples: tools, wallets, keys, paperwork, glasses, phone
  • Easily distracted by extraneous thoughts
  • Forgetful in daily activities
    Example: returning calls, paying bills, keeping appointments

signs of hyperactive ADHD

  • Fidgeting/squirming
  • Leaving seat when remaining seated is expected- Example: leaves place in the office or other workplace setting or in other situations that require remaining seated
  • Excessive running/climbing, or feeling restless- Example: in adults, may be limited to feeling restless
  • Difficulty with quiet activities
  • “On the go”- Example: is unable to be or uncomfortable being still for an extended time, as in restaurants, meetings, etc; may be experienced by others as being restless and difficult to keep up with
  • Excessive talking
  • Blurting out answers- Example: completes people’s sentences and “jumps the gun” in conversations,
  • Inability to wait turn- Example: swiping credit card before machine is ready, rolling the dice prematurely during board games
  • Intrusive- Example: butts into conversations, games, or activities; may start using other people’s things without asking or receiving permission; adults may intrude into or take over what others are doing

Treatment Options


ADHD coaching
Undiagnosed ADHD comes with negative experiences. Untangle the mental knots

Diagnostic Interview

ADHD Focused Diagnostic Interview
Meet with a licensed clinician to see if ADHD is the right diagnosis for you. You will receive an evaluation you can take to your PCP or school

Diagnosis + Medications

Diagnostic + Medications Interview
Skip ahead to seeing a medical doctor to confirm diagnosis and consider pharmaco-therapy. Report generation included.

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