See openings and book an intake appointment with Dr. Kumar

Please look at the bolded headings below and see which category you fall into.

ADHD Comprehensive Treatment Clinic:
If you do not have any other mental health issues and want an appointment to explore possible ADHD, you can click here to schedule an ADHD evaluation with Dr. Kumar.

Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO patients looking for a General Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation:
Looking for Talk Therapy:
Dr. Kumar is currently not accepting patients with BCBS PPO for talk therapy. Patients are encouraged to look at our therapists menu above.

Looking for Medication Evaluation:
Click here to schedule a regular Comprehensive Psychiatric Intake
Click here to schedule a 30 minute expedited Comprehensive Psychiatric Intake appointment (if you need to squeeze into his schedule sooner).

Blue Care Network or Premier Care patients who are looking for a General Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation:
Looking to be evaluated for Medication Evaluation only:
Patients who have Blue Care Network, and are looking for medication management can schedule an intake with his Nurse Practitioner, Brian Phillips, here. (Dr. Kumar is currently keeping his openings for patients already seeing a therapist in the clinic.)

Looking for Talk therapy:
Patients who have BCBS PPO or BCN plans, who are looking only for talk therapy, are being directed to our other talk therapists (see above menu under therapists).

For Cash, Aetna, HAP, Cigna, United Health Care, and all other out-of-network insurances:
Dr. Kumar is currently accepting new patients in this category for EITHER talk therapy OR medication management. The first appointment is a 60 minute Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation with full diagnostic assessment (including issues related to ADHD, OCD, anxiety, mood, impulse control, trauma, nutritional status, and sleep disorders). If you do not already have a talk therapist, he can continue to see you for regular talk therapy or alternatively, he may engage you in ongoing neurobiological management (ie medications or other kinds of treatment recommendations).

New patients can click here to schedule a regular Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation.
New patients can click here to schedule an abbreviated Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation (for patients who want to urgently squeeze into Dr. Kumar’s schedule).

Contact Information
New Patients may call 734-707-1052 ext 1 or email us here.

Other Information
Please note that Dr. KumarĀ does not accept those under the age of 18, and our offices are handicap accessible.

Payment is rendered the morning of service via credit, debit, hsa, or fsa card (kept on file). No checks or cash can be accepted at this time.

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