Pasha Streeter NP

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About NP Pasha Streeter
It’s important that therapeutic time not be rushed. Expect a 60 minute diagnostic evaluation and thorough follow up appointments. My approach involves listening deeply first. I work closely with a small population of patients and strive to make myself available to patients. I have a medical background and, when indicated, will investigate for confounding medical conditions that affect the mind-body interface.

I am passionate about staying up-to-date on the latest research. My diagnostic exam will often include looking for vitamin deficiencies, assessing nutritional status, and genetic testing to help make more informed medication choices.

I have many years of experience and have worked in wide variety of settings with complicated case presentations. I’m comfortable treating complex PTSD, adult ADHD, anxiety, OCD, mood swings, impulse control, and depression. Based on patient presentation, I will direct you towards specific research validated modalities of talk therapy. (EMDR, DBT, CBT, etc).

Does NP Streeter accept your insurance?
NP Streeter is “in network” and thus a “preferred provider” with Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO including Anthem BCBS PPO, most out-of-state BCBS PPO. She does NOT accept Blue Cross Complete, General Motors BCBS (where subscriber ID starts with GM), or “EPO” BCBS PPO insurance.

Please note that Beacon Health often looks like BCBS PPO, and that is an insurance that NP Streeter does not accept. She also does not accept BCBS Medicare plans. It’s best not to assume your Blue Cross Blue Shield will be covered; email a picture of your insurance card front/back to and let us verify your insurance before you make an appointment to ensure you are covered.