I take on a limited number of psychotherapy cases and work with those cases intensely. From experience I know that, when done, the psycho-therapeutic process absolutely works. Patients find within themselves great capacities for healing and joy.

Most of what we feel, think, and perceive- on a moment to moment basis- is only the tip of the iceberg. My work involves helping patients explore what is underneath the surface: the ways in which they are stuck, the patterns they replay, and the emotions they cannot fully come to terms with.

While I will often see patients once a week, I have additional specialty training in a deeper, more immersive forms of talk therapy which may involve meeting multiple times a week. This kind of work takes some courage on the part of the patient (and therapist) but will typically lead to life changing transformations for patients who could only get limited relief from less intensive talk therapy work.

** Sorry I currently am not able to see patients with BCBS/BCN for talk therapy.