What to Expect: Medical Management

office enhancedIn the General Clinic, therapeutic time cannot be rushed. For a general psychiatric evaluation, expect 60 minute initial consultations and 20-30 minute follow ups. As a medical doctor who specializes in mental health, I address psychological AND medical factors. I look beyond standard talk therapy- and the usual 20 psychiatric medications- to investigate the underlying biological or psychological issues.

akash profileInvestigating may entail (based on current research): laboratory panels looking for common chronic nutritional deficiencies; genetic testing to help better predict what meds/supplements can help; research based nutritional supplements; brain scans; neurological exam; alternate forms of talk therapy like Schema Therapy, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, and Psychodynamic.

My office is judgment free, unconditionally. I compassionately treated maximum security prisoners for many years, working severe cases of sexual/physical trauma, depression, anxiety, mood swings, personality disorders, anger, and psychosis. Nothing is taboo.Good psychiatry meets people exactly where they are. Some patients aim to get off medications safely (for instance by doing deeper psychotherapeutic work); conversely others mistakenly assume they’ve “tried everything” for their unique brain chemistry and are still searching. When safe, I will advise and support either path.