Dr. Akash Kumar

Dr. Kumar has lectured and taught at UM, the forensic center, and across the prison system. He has particular interests in ADHD, anxiety, depression, and personality. When needed, he will go beyond the usual 20 medications and utilize psychotherapy, labs to assess nutritional status, genetic testing, medical workups, neurological exams, and lifestyle modifications to help patients achieve their stated goals. Dr. Kumar does not accept those under the age of 18.

He is in-network (and a preferred provider) with most BCBS and BCN plans. He is out-of-network with Aetna, UHC, HAP/ASR, Cigna, and Magellan.

Anthonia Umelogu, NP

Anthonia Umelogu, NP is focused on looking beyond symptoms and assessing underlying etiological processes which may contribute to symptoms. While diagnostic categories can be useful, patients never fit perfectly into a box. She will utilize pharmacogenetic testing, assess for nutritional status, consider psychotherapeutic factors, and lifestyle modification when necessary. Her clinical approach is informed by acute care, long term care, and forensic psychiatry. She does not see those under the age of 10.

She is in-network with most BCBS and BCN Plans.

Brian Phillips, NP

Brian Phillips, NP employs evidenced-based approach to medication selection, and integrates the latest scientific research into prescribing, including testing for nutritional and vitamin deficiencies, as well acquiring pharmaco-genomic testing. He has worked with patients facing end-of-life issues, severe physical, mental, and sexual trauma and abuse, as well as severe cases of anxiety, depression, PTSD, mood swings, psychosis, and anger management. He does not accept those under the age of 18.

He is in-network with most BCBS and BCN Plans, Priority Health, and Aetna. He is out-of-network with Magellan.

Shannon Stockwell PA-C

Shannon Stockwell employs standard research based diagnostic and treatment modalities while her training encompasses expertise both on the medical side and psychiatric side. Beyond expertise derived from years working as a primarily medical PA in multiple settings, she also has additional advanced training in mind-body medicine, coaching, and has worked with the principles of functional medicine. This can span from nutritional deficits, metabolic abnormalities, subtle psychological trauma, hidden sleep issues, brain injury, gut health, inflammation, advanced thyroid testing going beyond a simple TSH level. Special interests include chronic illness, women’s health, sleep, and fibromyalgia. She does not see those under the age of 18.

Shannon is in-network, and a preferred provider, with most BCBS and BCN plans.